The emotional and financial cost of having a child with cancer is staggering.

From diagnosis to treatment protocols, cancer brings about a whirlwind of change that no parent is ever ready for.  With limited resources dedicated to support, awareness and advocacy for local families, Jensen’s Heart of Gold Foundation was founded to bring hope for parents and children right here in our community.


Since 2010, we continue to honor our own fallen hero, 5-year old Jensen Daniel Byrd (who lost his battle against neuroblastoma but won the hearts of thousands) through our Community Outreach & Family Assistance Programs in the greater Baldwin & Mobile County area, as well as Central Florida.


Carrying on Jensen’s spirit of giving, our goal is to provide financial relief for expenses that medical insurance just doesn’t cover.  We believe that no parent should have to face homelessness or sacrifice basic necessities while struggling to meet the demands that cancer brings. Our Community Outreach Programs focus on bringing awareness to this often over-looked disease. 

Childhood cancer research is vastly under-funded in comparison with other types of adult cancers.  In fact, less than 5% of the federal governments total funding for cancer research is dedicated to childhood cancer each year – therefore it is largely up to small, non-profit charities across the country to bridge the gap with much needed research dollars. Our individual, corporate and small business sponsors are proud to partner with us to fill this need.


With a steady increase in new diagnoses every year, we seek to not only bring attention to those who are currently fighting, but also to educate parents, teachers, and caregivers about symptom awareness and the need for wellness checkups.  We believe that every child should have access to medical care and that wellness checkups are important in tracking changes in physical development.


Knowledge truly is power – and that is why we created the Jensen Daniel Byrd Memorial Scholarship Fund.   We support high school seniors at Gulf Shores High School who set their sights on a medical field of study and offer scholarships to those who pursue a career in medicine.  Through experience, we know that every medical caregiver that comes into contact with a young cancer patient plays a vital role in morale and treatment.  With that in mind, we want to support the rising star who chooses a career in medicine.


Along with its’ general members, Jensen’s Heart of Gold Foundation operates at the direction of a dedicated and passionate executive board who all volunteer their time to make a difference for the future of children fighting cancer. 


Please, explore our website and the many ways to get involved.  


“Awareness, Advocacy and Hope for Childhood Cancer”