Jodie Smith, Treasurer

Having known Melissa my entire life, an unbreakable bond was formed with the Byrd family.  I was one of the fortunate ones that truly got to know Jensen and his amazing spirit.  His love for life, laughter, and fun has inspired me to be a better mother to my two beautiful daughters, a better wife to my husband of 14 years, and a better friend to the ones that I cherish most.


Both of my girls are very involved with sports and it requires extensive sacrifice of my time.  That sacrifice is worth every minute to be able to watch them grow, mature, and develop into young ladies.  Knowing that not every parent gets to experience that growth with their children and being able to afford them the opportunity to make memories, is one reason I am happy to be a part of the JHG team!


I have served my community for 20 years as a Senior Administrative Assistant to the Baldwin County Judge of Probate.  I have seen first hand what this organization has offered selflessly to those that need it most and I look forward to serving alongside them for many years to come.