• Emily Pierce

A Grateful Chapter in our Story

What started as an event full of family and friends, where I knew every face in the room, has grown over seven years time to host more than 200 people from Plant City and surrounding communities! At our Storybook themed gala this year, a new chapter was written for Central Florida kids with cancer as we welcomed past supporters and new guests, all learning how we can come together in support of our common cause. 

Each of the kids we help have a family, a mom and dad, a brother and sister, grandparents, who hold the burden of keeping things together while they fight for their child’s life. Our giving is simple. We give cash hardship assistance to kids from Central Florida who are treated for cancer. We don’t require lengthy applications or bank statements. We aren’t worried about a family’s income or the size of their house. We believe, if you have a child fighting cancer, you have a hardship. We also believe families know what they need more that we could guess. We give from our hearts. Families have used funds received from Jensen’s for car repairs, household bills, new tires, lunches while unexpectedly stuck in clinic, believe me, in the thick of treatment, it happens a lot! Families have also used the funds to help pay for a cruise, take the family to a theme park, or host Christmas and birthday parties. Through our hardship assistance program, we are relieving small burdens in order for these families to make lasting memories together. 

Last year, we raised $50,000 helping 92 local kids with cancer make more memories while in treatment. I am honored and proud to report that this year, we raised $60,000 to give to Central Florida kids with cancer! Thank you all for the continued support! Please save the date for next year's gala: February 20, 2021.

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